Kevorkian v. Arizona

What does Jack Kevorkian and the State of Arizona have in common?


Kevorkian knew how to kill people.

Be The Darkness!

And ride to oblivion.

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Google+ Where Are The Weirdos

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As of July 8, I have more views than actual famous people.

Check it out here

and marvel.


#eliwallach Is Gone

His career ended before mine ever started and he was alive twice as long as me.

I’m a failure multi-generationally.

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And The Google+ Numbers Are . . . !

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That number is really weird. What is going on? Who are you people?

Religion and Alcohol

I think of religion and alcohol in the same way. A little bit isn’t going to cause any problems, but too much and I’m going to turn into an asshole.

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Trapped In The Salt Lake Airport

Sitting in the food court while a teenager takes out his sexual frustration on an innocent piano. He might actually sound nice if every time he pounded the keys didn’t sound like a cry for help.

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Google Plus

My Google+ check it for yourself.

Google Plus Update

As of right now.

1 follower|17,090 views

That is a weird number of folks keeping track of me.

Today’s Accomplishment

I beat level 263 on Candy Crush Saga.

Tomorrow’s accomplishment is to not cry when I realize most of my high school classmates own a home.

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