Diapers v. Condoms

I guess I think of diapers the same way that I think of condoms. I always buy the biggest box, never remember to buy more, and run out at the worst possible time.

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Asocial Media

Not a typo. Just wondering how people can get upset about being called names or being harassed online. Don’t read the posts, don’t read the comments, or don’t be online.

As a person followed by no one in particular and with limited friends on facebook (3), I feel comfortable I won’t be trolled.

The stuff you find


When The Best Thing You Can Say Is . . .

Found an ex on Facebook.

She posted some pictures from about a year ago.

The best thing I could say was, “Wow, a year ago . . . you were really fat.”

google+ the nightmarinating

3 followers|30,405 views

that is the current number.

beware the internet and the litterneting.


Ah, Facebook

Ah, Facebook:

Where personalities go to die.

Vive La Differences!

Kevorkian v. Arizona

What does Jack Kevorkian and the State of Arizona have in common?


Kevorkian knew how to kill people.

Be The Darkness!

And ride to oblivion.

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Google+ Where Are The Weirdos

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As of July 8, I have more views than actual famous people.

Check it out here

and marvel.


#eliwallach Is Gone

His career ended before mine ever started and he was alive twice as long as me.

I’m a failure multi-generationally.

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