Just For You Crazy People

Hey there. I didn’t forget you. I just stopped caring.

You’re welcome.


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Substance Abuse?

I’m not sure it should be called “substance abuse” when I’m enjoying the hell out of it.

A Sweet Embrace

To embrace the darkness involves a bit of giving up. To be embraced by the darkness involves a bit of peeing yourself.


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A Comforting Embrace

At lunch recently (i.e., February 6, 2015), I realized and said out loud that, “I’ve been on the internet  for 20 years and no one has asked to friend , follow or know anything about me.”

I guess that I’m just that unlikable, forgettable or useless.

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Strength of Character

It is easy to find our [sic] former friends, lovers, and family on the internet. Facebook certainly shares a good portion of the blame.

I recently looked for, after many years of not looking at all, for a former friend. I know that he has no interest in talking to me or knowing what is going on in my life. The strength came in not following, attempting to friend or even casually cyber-stalking him.

It is so easy to reach out and touch our past no matter how undesirable we are to it.

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My Own Little Time Capsule

I sometimes enjoy going back through my old posts. They provide me with a perspective of how stupid I sound  in the past. And, I am reminded that the past provides a clue as to how little changes.

For example, as I sit here today, the Pope says that religion shouldn’t be insulted, Muslim extremists are killing cartoonists, and Mitt Romney is planning his third loss as a presidential candidate.

I feel smarter just looking and listening to other people.

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A Way to Measure Fame

I’ve figured out a way to measure a comedian’s fame. If no one has pirated your dvd, you’re shit.

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Diapers v. Condoms

I guess I think of diapers the same way that I think of condoms. I always buy the biggest box, never remember to buy more, and run out at the worst possible time.

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Asocial Media

Not a typo. Just wondering how people can get upset about being called names or being harassed online. Don’t read the posts, don’t read the comments, or don’t be online.

As a person followed by no one in particular and with limited friends on facebook (3), I feel comfortable I won’t be trolled.

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